Elizabeth Kemball is a 23 year old writer, poet and illustrator. Her main focuses are poetry and prose fiction. You can find a list and links to her published works on the ‘writing’ page of this site, which also has news about her writing. She is studying MA Creative Writing at Cardiff University.

Currently, she is an Editor and Designer for Re-Side: an online literary/arts magazine focusing on work that resides outside of the norm.

Over the past year (June 2019 – June 2020) she was mentored by the wonderful Mari Ellis Dunning an award winning writer & poet. With her help Elizabeth has put together her first poetry chapbook/pamphlet/collection and sending it off to publishers. Elizabeth also working on her debut novel.

Her blog features writing about writing, mental health, personal essays and literature.

Feel free to contact her with feedback/proposals, or job offers if you happen to want to hire a writer.